Epic displays made simple

Say hello to the world’s most advanced and user-friendly LED processor. HELIOS is a state-of-the-art processing platform that facilitates large-format, exceptional displays with ease.

Effortless User Experience

HELIOS allows multiple users to control its platform in real time, without the need for any software. Its fast, easy-to-use and extensible API allows for custom ecosystem integration.

Eco Minded

Fewer Boxes

means less
environmental impact

Low Power Mode

reduces display’s power consumption when not in use

Flexible Input Architecture

reduces upstream equipment needs

Upgradable System

makes for a longer life without replacements

Resilient & Reliable

HELIOS is simple, streamlined, and IT-friendly. It uses dual path redundancy technology for reliable performance, seamless failover, and high uptime.

Unlimited Pixel Canvas









Superior Video Performance

100% Color Accuracy

and pixel-perfect detail for superior viewing


grayscale performance with LightScience technology

Impeccably accurate

tone mapping that looks right first time

Dynamic, real-time

color gamut adjustment - the best in the industry

Camera Friendly

Specifically designed to support XR, virtual production, and broadcast-quality visuals

NanoSync™ enables clean camera capture of LED displays

Fail Safe Analytics

Detect errors before they happen with HELIOS’s sophisticated analytics.

Pre-emptive performance monitoring creates a stable, flawless display system with exceptionally accurate pixel error detection.

Always Upgradeable

The modular inputs of HELIOS make it quick and easy to swap or upgrade inputs as your requirements change.

100G QSFP Fiber Input

QSFP slot for native SMPTE ST 2110 and IPMX

Baseband Video

Two input slots for
 HDMI and DisplayPort


4 SFP slots for 12G SDI or 10G ST 2110

RS12 Ruggedized Switch

Less cabling and infrastructure.

The first 20G capable switch for touring and outdoor LED applications.

Megapixel’s RS12 Ruggedized Switch for HELIOS® is custom-engineered to withstand rigorous environments and provide expanded mounting options; RS12 offers the most flexibility for demanding HELIOS deployments.

Multiple Mounting Options

12 x 1G/2.5G CAT6A IP65 Neutrik™ etherCONs

1 x Neutrik™ opticalCON DUO for SM Fiber

Neutrik™ powerCON TRUE1 Input

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HELIOS v24.03.0 Released!

We’re excited to announce a major new HELIOS release.