Tile-Side processing
in perfect harmony

PX1 is a unique LED processing card that is embedded in all HELIOS-compatible tiles.

This means when you buy a display device that works with HELIOS, it’s running Megapixel’s operating system and software smarts inside. It works to process video, color, and real-time metadata in perfect unison across your entire display, and even across multiple processors. Whether your display system has 100 or 10,000 tiles, they all work in perfect harmony.

Advanced Color Management

Realtime gamut
reshaping and calibration retargeting

78-bits per pixel
grayscale with our LightScience technolog8

Full HDR support

Supports RGB+N color primaries, such as RGBW, RGBWW, and RGBC

Pixel eXchange Receiver Technology

Revolutionizes LED pixel management for optimal performance.

For use in demanding pro AV, film, broadcast, and installation applications.

Offers seamless redundancy by receiving multiple main and backup video streams simultaneously.

Flexible Tile Design

Choose your own tile specs based on pixel count and desired bandwidth performance – with both 2.5G and 1G Ethernet support.

Up to 4 tile ports supported using Megapixel’s proprietary mesh mode for ultimate system resiliency.

Tiles compatible with either standard RJ45/Ethernet or SFP cage connection.

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