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Create infinite movie magic with GhostFrame™!

Allows for simultaneous capture of multiple video feeds that are hidden to the naked eye, a chromakey matte, and even hidden tracking markers via the HELIOS LED Processing Platform! GhostFrame makes the impossible possible for your virtual production, XR, and broadcast events. 

Processing Reimagined for the Future

Megapixel VR’s HELIOS® LED Processing Platform reimagines processing from the ground up to support large-format LED displays for use in demanding pro AV, broadcast, and installation applications. Leverage the newest 8K and HDR formats to drive screens with the greatest visual impact in only 1RU.

Advanced Monitoring

Megapixel VR’s OMNIS® AV Monitoring Platform provides aggregated, real-time health monitoring of large-scale video displays and distribution systems. A single unit can monitor hundreds of LED processors, IT infrastructure and projectors with a single health map view. Combine multiple units via cloud-based connection to access an on-demand centralized view of over one billion pixels from any location.

Device Frame

Cutting Edge Display Technology

Megapixel VR creates technology for displays to perform their best. From custom LED chemicals and MicroLED packaging to mesh network protocols, we offer supply chain components as well as fully-engineered turn-key displays.