Visual Technology

Innovators of visual technology

As a team of industry-leading innovators,
Megapixel has developed over 200 patents in the display and processing field. Our extensive research in MicroLED, carbon nanotube LED encapsulation, manufacturing techniques, and more, are used in many products you may already use today. Here are just a few of our innovations:

Mosaic Mesh
Power/Data Technology

An “impossibly thin” digital tile system (as used in Megapixel’s Ventana).

Provides “connectorless”
power/data interconnect between tiles while still allowing a tile to be removed without disrupting neighboring tiles.

Offers proprietary mechanical connection to reduce tolerance stack-up, eliminating the need for x,y,z tile/cabinet adjustments.

Virtual Production Workflow

Workflow coverage for in-camera frustum video and out-of-frustum image-based video lighting, with or without an added chroma key.

Multi-Primary (RGB+N)
More Colors
Better Accuracy
More Realism

IP related to processing and tile technology allowing multi-primary (RGB+N) to be used on video displays intended for camera use

Improved broad spectrum emission for illumination

Better interpretation of white point from camera

Ultra Wide
Viewing Angles

Improved off-axis color performance reduces pink/blue shift even at extreme angles.

Proprietary RGB and RGBW subpixel arrangement and packaging technology in SMD and COB module formats.

Displays with exceptional quality viewing with virtually no distortion, wherever you choose to sit.

Framing Structures

Ultra-lightweight tubular carbon fiber framing, used in popular ceiling tiles and lightweight lighting fixtures.

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