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Proactive AV System Monitoring

Megapixel VR’s OMNIS Platform provides aggregated, real-time health monitoring of large-scale video displays, projectors and distribution systems. A single OMNIS can monitor hundreds of LED processors on-premises or in the cloud with a single health map view. Combine multiple units via cloud-based connection to access an on-demand centralized view of over one billion pixels from any location.

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Display Spectaculars

Notifications alert technical staff of system baseline deviations in real time.

Logging and tagging helps teams track and troubleshoot.

Active alerts create clear action items for on-site staff.


Multi-Location Displays

Centralize system monitoring to an experienced team.

Coordinate displays across continents.

Historical data informs site plans.

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Live Events

Rapid diagnosis tools built by techs for techs.

Synchronize large and varied systems.

Pinpoint alerts to minimize troubleshooting.


Factory FAT and QC

Monitor panels as they pass QC and be certain of the final product.

Review gear histories to ensure equipment gets the attention it needs.


Processor Monitoring & Global Adjustments


Data Distribution Monitoring

On Site or

Combine multiple units via a cloud-based connection to access an on-demand centralized view of over one billion pixels from any location from your device’s browser. 

Display Map Views

Health and thermal map views are available for all tiles connected to the display system, even when across multiple processors.

Tile/Data Status

View signal integrity and status of all LED tiles including serial numbers, cable order, firmware versions, processor status, and input signal formats.

Active Alert View

See “active” alerts for all connected devices and tiles in a tile map view as well as a searchable/sortable list.

Alert Logging

All alerts are logged so the system can flag faults that aren’t visible to the eye.

Multi-Platform Integration

OMNIS seamlessly integrates with a growing list of platforms including LED processors and tiles, AV networking equipment and projectors.

Specification Overview


Monitor up to 200 LED processors and over a billion pixels on a single unit.


8 x 1G Ethernet ports (bridged) for device monitoring.


4 x 1G Ethernet ports isolated/bridged (configurable) with monitoring ports.


A robust Application Programming Interface (API) is available allowing for integration with external systems. The API exposes full control and monitoring of OMNIS via JSON-RPC over a REST-style interface.

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