Prysm Stages Debuts with Francis Ford Coppola Production

The Prysm Stage at Trilith Studios is ready for its close-up. Stage 22 is one of the world’s most advanced virtual production facilities, featuring a fully enclosed 80′ x 90′ x 29’6 virtual production volume. Megapixel worked closely with Prysm Stages and Lux Machina to build the HELIOS Processing Platform into the infrastructure of the 18,000-square-foot purpose-built sound stage. 

Designed to accommodate large set pieces, LED panels wrap 360 degrees around while the multi-segmented LED ceiling can be height adjusted. The stage, equipped with game-engine-driven video playback, immerses filmmakers in large-scale, real-time digital environments. 

The first production to utilize the new stage will be Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis, a sweeping epic that will merge traditional filmmaking techniques and the state-of-the-art virtual production volume and workflows that Prysm Stages offers. 

The volume includes Megapixel’s proprietary HELIOS LED Processing Platform, a powerful tool for ICVFX workflows. Megapixel brings over 15 years of LED-on-camera engineering expertise to the studio featuring ultra-powerful tile-side processing and world-class workflow efficiency. This technology allows for the most sophisticated AVoIP pipeline for virtual production, leveraging sub-pixel calibration and off-axis color metadata coupled with the most advanced LED refresh algorithm available today. With cinema-grade color accuracy, ACEScg gamut support, and a native 8K workflow, HELIOS’s modular and upgradeable inputs provide Prysm Stages with future-proof, solid processing and data distribution infrastructure.

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