Megapixel HELIOS Integrates with Pomfort LiveGrade Studio

HELIOS® Real-Time Precise Color Adjustments Merge With  Industry Standard Workflows

Megapixel’s HELIOS – the world’s most powerful 8K LED video processing platform leading the market in Virtual Production and Live Events is now integrated with Pomfort Livegrade Studio 6.4.4 bringing new color grading workflows to Broadcast and Film LED applications. 

This exciting new integration allows HELIOS®users to adjust the content displayed on the LED walls in real time via CDL values inside Livegrade studio. Demonstrating ongoing support for Cinematographers, Virtual Production Systems Integrators, and discerning professionals in Live Events, Pomfort and Megapixel have chosen a format designed by image creators, the Color Decision List. CDL is a common metadata file standard developed by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) to exchange standard color correction information between production tools. 

This integration ensures that HELIOS users and camera departments can rely on their established on-site workflows without compromise to preserve the intentions of creatives. Daniel Warner, Technical Production Supervisor at Megapixel says “At Megapixel we take a systems oriented approach to our products. Pomfort is the standard workflow solution for managing real time precise color adjustments across various devices. Our users expect to display and capture precisely correct colors, and this is one more tool to guarantee client satisfaction in any scenario”. 

Download the latest HELIOS release here.