Megapixel Announces New Live Events Capabilities at LDI 2023

The HELIOS® LED Processing Platform, pioneered by Megapixel as the first LED Processor capable of native SMPTE ST 2110 and the industry’s first 8K platform, takes another step forward at LDI 2023. Megapixel’s live events customers asked the company to engineer a workflow allowing for a single processor to run in a redundancy mode enabling events to have increased reliability without needing large stacks of legacy processors; thus SeamlessLoop was born. 

The SeamlessLoop functionality enables customers to have redundancy in their system designs without the need for a second processor. SeamlessLoop has two key modes, Switch Redundancy and Tile Link Redundancy allowing the user to protect against fiber, switch, and tile link failures resulting in extremely reliable system performance with minimal infrastructure. Thanks to the way SeamlessLoop has been developed, it is topology agnostic and zero configuration is required from the user beyond enabling the feature. 

Scott Blair, VP of Product & Project Management at Megapixel says: “Our customers are the driving force behind our roadmap and I’m pleased to say that SeamlessLoop has been developed directly alongside some of our largest customers. This new functionality gives users even more flexibility in designing their HELIOS network topologies and does not compromise on our requirement of rock-solid system reliability.”

In addition to SeamlessLoop, available immediately is an additional accessory, the RS12 ruggedized switch. Specifically designed for touring environments, the RS12 is the first 20G capable switch for outdoor LED applications. RS12 has enough bandwidth for a single 4K screen, enabling users to use less cabling and infrastructure than before. 

Jeremy Hochman, Megapixel’s CEO and co-founder, explains “It was incredibly important for us to do something unique here. Not only can the new RS12 run in harsh environments and distribute data to a full 4K display, it has a whopping 20G of fiber capacity. Coupled with SeamlessLoop redundancy, which offers a visually glitch-less failover, our customers are future-proofed for many years to come. ”

In addition to these groundbreaking enhancements, Megapixel is releasing HELIOS software version 23.12.0 at LDI 2023. The release features a number of user-requested improvements such as:

  • Per pixel value readout has been added so users can easily see the exact values coming into the system and what values are being sent to each individual pixel. 
  • Panels now support the ability to save notes internally.  This means technicians can make notes on a single tile to aid in troubleshooting or information dissemination. 
  • Value input fields now support mathematical equations which makes it much easier to make specific adjustments to any field in the HELIOS UI.
  • A new Command palette feature has been added allowing users to quickly access and change all common functionality without having to search for it. 
  • A Duv slider has been added to the Image Settings controls allowing users to shift toward green or magenta.
  • Group masking ability allows the user to apply a mask to a whole tile group. 
  • Additional camera slice tools have been added making it easier to configure your camera setup and a master reset button has been added to quickly default camera slice settings

Get hands-on with the RS12 at the ROE Visual booth (877) and see Megapixel products in action at the following partner booths at LDI, taking place December 3-5, 2023 in Las Vegas.

  • AOTO – 1563 
  • Absen – 491
  • KinoFlo – 1261 
  • NETGEAR – 690
  • ROE – 877 
  • Sony – 289 
  • Unilumin – 1589 

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Recent projects that have harnessed Megapixel technology include:

  • Numerous live events: Eurovision 2023, The Killers World Tour, WWE, Glastonbury.
  • Real-time XR: XR Studios’ deployments of YouTube Game On, Camila Cabello’s Familia: Welcome to the Family Live TikTok Album Concert.
  • Virtual production stages: Lux Stage at Trilith (Atlanta), NantStudios’ Docklands Studios (Melbourne), ARRI Stage (London).
  • Broadcast studios: Emmy award-winning FOX Sports NFL Sunday, ESPN’s Catalyst Stage, and Sky Studios.

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