Live Events

Sam Fender at St. James Park

In 2022, when Adlib started to refresh and invest in expanding their LED stock, they chose

Megapixel’s HELIOS® Processing Platform as the core engine for the control of large-format LED displays. With this being the start of a significant investment, selecting the right platform was an important decision for Adlib as the product would need to meet their current and future needs.

Ashley Ball, Adlib’s Video Technical Manager, spoke of the HELIOS investment: “As the live events industry continues to raise the bar and shows become more and more visually impressive, the need for technical production suppliers who can deliver video infrastructure that meets designers’ vision rises. As a HELIOS Technology Partner, we’re hoping to capture that demand by putting the HELIOS LED Processing Platform at the core of our LED Display capabilities. Seeing how well HELIOS performs in Virtual Production and Broadcast environments excites us to see how far we can push the platform in the live events space to meet our client’s needs.”

The Adlib team have built a reputation for providing a reliable and consistent service for their clients, and Megapixel shares this philosophy. As such, it was important for Adlib to have a resilient and future-proof platform as it continues to grow its LED offering. Megapixel’s HELIOS is built with reliability as a core pillar of the product, ensuring solid performance on every project, thus making Adlib’s investment safe well into the future, thanks to the interchangeable input modules that HELIOS features.

Recently, Adlib supplied full technical production for Sam Fender’s hometown stadium shows, with HELIOS driving the majority of LED panels on this event. The Adlib team have utilised the HELIOS platform to its full potential by pairing it with a network of wireless access points and Panasonic Toughbook tablets to allow multiple LED Technicians to make simultaneous colour management and configuration changes on stage and throughout the stadium without being in front of the physical processor – a workflow that is unique to the HELIOS platform.

Ashley continues, “For the two Sam Fender shows at St James’ Park, we had over 600 sqm. of upstage and IMAG ROE LED product, a mix of Black Quartz 4 and Vanish 8 Touring. HELIOS handled it with a breeze and without skipping a beat, and I feel like we’re only scratching the surface of what this platform can offer. As we start thinking about the next touring season and the scale of shows that will come, I’m excited to see the creative ways in which content creators and video directors push the visual boundaries further, and with it, our video infrastructure built around the HELIOS platform.”