ARRI Stage London

Megapixel’s HELIOS® LED Processing Platform drives ARRI’s state-of-the-art mixed reality studio located at their Uxbridge, UK location. The studio, designed and built by ARRI, is one of the largest permanent mixed reality production spaces in Europe, comprising 343 square meters of LED walls, installed in partnership between ARRI and Creative Technology.

The fully-encapsulated yet flexible space can be programmed to display 360-degree imagery that, even when not in-frame, casts dynamic, fully integrated lighting effects onto the performers and the scene being shot.

HELIOS delivers cinema-grade color workflow and industry-leading image quality. The complete system allows ARRI to achieve superior in-camera LED quality for the studio. The playback system designed by Creative Technology coupled with HELIOS makes playback in the production volume simple. HELIOS integrates with the other systems at the stage: Epic Games provided its flagship real-time 3D creation Unreal Engine, and NVIDIA’s RTX A6000 GPUs drive the image processing.

For a closer look:

British Cinematographer Focus on Virtual Production pg 38 (excerpt here)

ARRI Stage London unlocks creative potential for Sky Studios’ “The Rising”

In collaboration with:
Creative Technology